After previous changes in the family law system, the unified Family Court breaks down the barriers that used to exist between the different tiers of the court system. Coupled with the removal of legal aid for most family cases and financial pressures on public bodies concerned with the welfare of children, Fenners’ Family Group was well prepared for all these changes and looks to offer its services in ways which ensure that the best legal advice and representation is still available to all – regardless of the financial circumstances of the family members concerned.

The Group represents spouses, partners, parents, children’s guardians, local authorities and extended family members.

What we do

Cases involving children:

  • Disputes between parents about residence & contact
  • Applications for permission to remove a child from the jurisdiction
  • Disputes regarding children’s education and health issues
  • Local authority applications relating to care, supervision or adoption
  • The provision of secure accommodation
  • International disputes involving the Hague Convention
  • Abduction involving “non – Hague Convention” countries

Cases involving financial remedies:

  • Financial orders on divorce or separation
  • Farming divorces, family companies and “big money” cases
  • Claims relating to international assets
  • Inheritance Act claims
  • Provision for children under Schedule I of the Children Act
  • Trusts of Land Act claims between cohabitants or members of the extended family
  • Ante and post nuptial agreements

Domestic Violence:

  • Applications for injunction and enforcement of injunctions

General Family Law Issues including:

  • The validity of marriages or civil partnerships
  • Claims of nullity
  • Divorce proceedings and judicial separation
  • Civil partnership disputes
  • International family jurisdiction
  • Forced marriages

The Court of Protection

The Group advises in cases concerning welfare/best interest (including residence arrangements), financial matters, medical treatment, deprivation of liberty (DOLS), judicial review and on appeals. Our clients include claimants, family members, health and public bodies, local authorities and "P". 

Fenners Suggested Settlement Scheme

The Fenners Chambers Suggested Settlement scheme has been available for a number of years and has been found to be a speedy, useful and inexpensive way of settling financial claims. Both parties jointly submit papers to a member of the Family Group who provides a written opinion on the merits of the dispute and suggests a possible settlement.

Out of Court Financial Dispute Resolution

Both parties can instruct a member of the Family Group to conduct an “Out of Court FDR” wherever convenient to the parties. The barrister (who may be a part time Judge) will hear submissions on the key issues and give an indication of the type of order that might be expected to be made at a final hearing. If the parties agree, an order in the terms proposed can then be put to the court for approval.

For more information about these schemes contact Paul Green on 01223 431900 or email

Recent Feedback

“My experience of using Fenners Chambers via the direct access scheme has been great. From the initial contact right up until my court hearing, the clerks and barrister have been very helpful, sympathetic and understanding. Although it was all dealt with in a professional manner, it also felt personal and that reassured me whilst dealing with such a traumatic time in my life. Nothing can prepare you for the fear as you enter a court room but Abigail Pilkington was fantastic. Extremely knowledgeable and professional but again making me feel at ease during such a difficult time. I would like to thank you all for making this awful time a little more comfortable. I would most certainly recommend your chambers”.