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In the past, barristers only carried out work sent to them by solicitors. That meant large companies and public bodies with an in-house legal team could employ us directly for any of the services barristers provide, but small businesses were not able to.

Now small companies, sole traders, voluntary organisations and public bodies without staff lawyers can generally come direct to a barrister for advice and for representation before courts and tribunals. Experience confirms this can often be the most cost-effective and efficient way of managing your organisation’s legal business. Some areas of legal work, such as day to day commercial transactions or the drafting of standard documents, are still generally the province of solicitors.

As specialist advocates and advisers, barristers do not practice in partnership. The members of Fenners Chambers share resources and are supported by the same administrative team, but each member remains responsible for their own cases. This ensures a one-to-one relationship between the retained barrister and whoever is using their services.

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All members of Fenners Chambers undertake work directly for the public. All members of Fenners Chambers undertake work directly for the public. If you are considering retaining one of us to act for you or the organisation you represent, or want a guide to the likely cost of doing so, please contact one of our practice clerks on 01223 368761 or email or complete our on-line Enquiry Form.

For more information about employing a barrister directly, you may find our Frequently Asked Questions helpful.