For individuals

In the past, barristers only carried out work sent to them by solicitors. Now, in many cases private individuals can come direct to a barrister for advice and representation at courts and tribunals.

All members of Fenners Chambers undertake work directly for the public. Often it proves the most cost-effective and efficient way of managing legal business.

As specialist advocates and advisers, barristers do not practice in partnership, unlike solicitors. The members of Fenners Chambers share resources and are supported by the same administrative team, but each member remains responsible for their own cases. This ensures a one-to-one relationship between the retained barrister and the person employing their services. You can find more information about our practice groups by clicking on one of the links on the right hand panel.

Just as there are some areas of legal practice that barristers specialise in, such as appearing in the higher courts or providing detailed advice about people’s legal rights, there are other areas of the law, such as day to day commercial transactions or the drafting of documents, which are generally the province of solicitors.

In some instances, depending on the nature of the case or the client’s own circumstances, it may still be advisable to employ a firm of solicitors as well. If that applies to your case, we will tell you at the outset. If you are looking to employ a member of Fenners Chambers, or want an idea of how much it is likely to cost, please contact one of our practice clerks  on 01223 368761 or email or complete our on-line Enquiry Form

For more information about employing a barrister directly, you may find our Frequently Asked Questions helpful.