For solicitors

Despite the many changes in the legal profession, work based on the direct relationship between solicitors and barristers remains at the heart of practice for the members of Fenners Chambers, and we believe that will continue to be the case in the future.

Our success has been based on the quality and commitment of the barristers who practise at Fenners, the business-like approach of our clerking team and support staff, and our determination to treat the needs of the lay client as paramount.

The administration and fees pages tell you more about the vital team who run chambers and manage our practices and about our fair and transparent fee structure.


From our foundation in 1973 as the first barristers chambers in Cambridgeshire, we regarded our relationship with the solicitors who instructed as one based on equality and teamwork. We still strive to maintain that approach in all the work we undertake, working as a team with the solicitor and retained experts, as well as the lay client.

Many relationships between individual barristers at Fenners and solicitors span several decades. At the same time, in an era of increased specialisation our clerks are always happy to propose a particular barrister with the appropriate specialist knowledge, seniority and personality for the particular service you need. On the rare occasion that Fenners does not have the right person for your immediate needs, we will say so clearly.

Fenners runs an extensive programme of CPD-accredited seminars, including specially tailor-made in-house seminars as well as joint seminars with solicitors. We are also very happy to work with solicitors in joint tendering to public authorities or businesses and in other ways that will benefit your practice.

Despite early fears, the development of Public Access to the Bar has not damaged relationships between the two branches of the profession. In fact, solicitors now sometimes advise clients to come to us direct for particular matters, and we sometimes advise public access clients that their interests are best served by employing a solicitor as well as (or instead of) a barrister. This simply reflects our commitment to putting the interests of our lay clients first.


Paul Green and Cathy Hugo, the senior members of our clerking team, pay regular visits to solicitors, sometimes together with the leaders of our specialist Practice Groups, to ensure Fenners is meeting your needs and expectations and to explore ways we can develop our relationships. If you would like an opportunity to discuss what Fenners can offer your practice, please contact Paul on  01223 431900 or email to arrange a meeting.

As well as welcoming feedback on the performance of our barristers and staff members, we run a programme of continuous response, inviting solicitors to complete honest assessments on the service we have provided based on a random sample of the work we receive from them.