Our Expertise

Our work in each area of the law is overseen by its own Practice Group, which meets in chambers to pool ideas, share expertise and plan its development.

The day of the all-rounder at the Bar is past. Many members of Fenners practice in just one area of law. Some combine practice in areas of law that often go together, such as property and inheritance, or employment and commercial law. Certain members have developed less common but useful combinations– crime and family, where care and criminal proceedings may go hand in hand, or employment and crime, where a senior employee claims unfair dismissal whilst awaiting trial for workplace fraud.

Sharing our expertise

The Groups make their expertise available to the wider legal community through their programmes of seminars. As well as providing seminars for the wider legal community, both in Cambridge and around the East of England, we run tailor-made in-house seminars for solicitors and other professionals. We are happy to share platforms with solicitors and other professional businesses or provide speakers for wider-based educational and networking events. Paul Green, our senior practice clerk, can confirm the availability of the barrister you have in mind, or suggest the barrister most appropriate for your event.

Maintaining our expertise

Maintaining expert standards demands careful recruitment. We take great care in selecting our trainee barristers, and most go on to become full members of Fenners. We also recruit exceptional young barristers who have trained elsewhere. Whilst most junior members of chambers undertake a variety of cases at the very beginning of their career, we encourage them to develop as specialists from the outset. We also have an active policy of senior recruitment. Our reputation has resulted in a number of established barristers joining us from chambers in London and elsewhere, thereby enhancing the specialist services we provide.