Terence Vaughan
Year of call: 1996
Diane Mundill
Year of call: 2007
Joshua Walters
Year of call: 2012
Robin Howard
Year of call: 1986
Jeff Deegan
Year of call: 1989

Our people

You can find the barristers at Fenners by alphabetical order of surname or by seniority. Seniority offers general guidance to the level of someone’s experience, but bear in mind that some members of Fenners have had other careers, sometimes at senior levels in commerce or as solicitors, before becoming barristers, as mentioned in individual members’ CVs.
The practice tabs will take you direct to the list of members who work in that particular practice area, together with details of their particular  expertise.

For more information about the members of staff who keep everything moving and make sure the right barristers are in the right place, please click the Support Team tab.