Probate & Inheritance

Changes in the pattern of wealth mean that planning for inheritance and dealing with its consequences after death now matter to most families. Many people, not just those with family businesses or farms, leave substantial assets when they die. Sadly, families all too often fall out over the estates of deceased family members.

Our substantial expertise enables us to address the complexity of probate law, whilst remaining acutely aware that it frequently impinges on delicate relationships at difficult times in family life.

Medical advances, and greater social awareness, have also heightened the importance of protecting the personal and financial rights of older people and those with disabilities, whether living at home or in residential settings. This has led to far more people granting powers of attorney to family members or friends, with the need for oversight or intervention by the Court of Protection.

The Group is structured to meet those needs. In addition to its trusts and probate specialists, the Group also contains certain members of the Family Group who undertake Court of Protection cases in which the primary concern is the welfare of older or disabled people.

What we do

The rights of the elderly and those with disabilities:

  • Care at home or in residential settings and the safeguarding of rights
  • Powers of attorney, mental capacity, and the Court of Protection
  • The sharing of property and homes by the elderly with others

Protecting assets:

  • Advising on the drafting of tax-efficient wills and trusts
  • Inheritance and related tax planning for family companies and estate
  • Nationality, residence and domicile in relation to overseas assets

Dealing with property after death:

  • Grants of probate and letters of administration
  • The interpretation of wills and their due execution
  • Testamentary intention and capacity
  • Undue influence by family, friends and carers
  • The revocation of wills
  • Intestate and insolvent estates
  • Inheritance tax liability and related issues

Inheritance Act claims